Music Student Agreement

Students will not be allowed to register or receive any lessons until they have reviewed and they or their parent/guardian have signed the Ride The Fader Productions Music Student Agreement and paid the relevant fees.

Lesson Duration
Lessons will be held once a week for one-hour periods at a time.

The current music lesson fees are:

  • £30/hour*

* Additional time may be requested at a rate of £25/hour.

Lesson materials are not included in the cost of the lessons and must be paid for by parents/guardians or the student within one week of receiving the materials. Students are liable for all exam fees, costs of rehearsals, and accompanist fees. Additional fees apply to extra activities fees such as contests and festivals. Please note, students enrolling in lessons on a continuing weekly basis must also pay a non-refundable registration fee of £5.00. Fees are payable by cash or bank transfer. Ride The Fader Productions reserves the right to change fees at the end of the month long charging period.

Payment Conditions

Lessons will be paid 1 month at a time and must be received by the first lesson of the month. Monthly tuition is due at the first lesson of each month. If you miss the first lesson of any month, payment must be received before the second lesson of the month to avoid the £5.00 late fee. The amount due each month is determined by how many lessons will be taught during the month. You can only book a minimum of 4 lessons a month.

If payment is not received, no lesson will be provided until payment is received. Lessons given when payment is not received must be paid for before another lesson will be given.


Lesson cancellations
The student or parent/guardian can cancel lessons with a 24-hour advance notice, prior to the lessons. The price of the lessons will not be refunded but will be carried over to the following month. In the case of unforeseen events that affect the student’s attendance of a lesson, it is the responsibility of the student to apply for a make up lesson. There are no make-up lessons available unless approved by the teacher before payment and start of lessons. Make up lessons are not guaranteed. No make-ups for individual students who miss group or ensemble classes or events. If the 24-hour notice period is not observed by the student/parent/guardian no credits or refunds will be provided.

Your scheduled lesson time has been reserved for you and that is the time you are obliged to use. If a student wishes to reschedule a lesson this should be done at least one week in advance in order to find the best time. If you cannot make your regular lesson time and cannot make one of the alternate lesson times your teacher may offer you, you must still pay for your lesson time.

If for any reason the teacher is unable to deliver scheduled lessons, group classes or group ensembles, as much notice as possible will be given to the student or parent/guardian in writing, (unforeseen circumstances will make advance notice more difficult). Those lessons will be rescheduled or carried over to the following month. If an alternate lesson time cannot be agreed upon, you may request a refund.

Teachers reserve the right to make an individual decision to cancel lessons or classes due to bad weather, should they do so they will contact students directly.

Termination of lessons
Ride The Fader Productions must receive 2 weeks advance notice in writing if the student or parent/guardian wishes to terminate lessons. In this case, you are financially responsible for the two lessons after notification of your intent to drop. If the 2-week notice period is not observed by the student/parent/guardian no credits or refunds will be provided.

Ride The Fader Productions reserves the right to discontinue lessons at any time for any reason, with notification of the parents/guardians or student. In the event this happens all remaining lessons for the month charging period, (excluding make up lessons where the student missed the lesson), will be refunded.

There will be no lessons for the week when lessons fall on or around the following public holidays: Christmas, Good Friday to Easter Sunday, New Years Eve to Boxing Day. There are no lessons on all Bank Holidays. Lessons on or around these days will not be booked and students are not obliged to pay for this time.

During May there are only 3 weeks of teaching. Students will be informed which weeks are teaching weeks.

Ride The Fader Productions reserves the right to close for personal vacation during the summer. In that case, students need to find time outside of that vacation period for lessons. Students will be informed when the vacation period will commence and finish.

From time to time teachers will be required to temporarily suspend lessons for purposes of training and other professional development activities. In the event that this occurs all students will be given 24 hours notice in writing and those lessons will be rescheduled or carried over to the following month.

Lesson Conditions
New students must complete a registration form with current contact information. Students must keep their contact information updated. Students must have their own instrument to practice with and use during the lessons and must have all materials for all lessons.

Students are expected to practice between lessons and may be dropped from music and all other activities delivered by or associated with Ride The Fader Productions if adequate practice time is not consistently maintained.

Undertaking lessons with Ride The Fader Productions is not a guarantee that a student will pass any exams or assessments. It is the student’s responsibility to practice and apply what they have learned in order to pass any assessment. No student will be entered into an assessment that the teacher does not think the student will pass. If a parent/guardian requests a progress report, a progress report will be given via-email using the e-mail address provided by the parent/guardian. The progress report will contain homework assignments and any other important information. Progress reports will be given within 24 hours of the received lesson.

Release of Liability
I hereby release Ride The Fader Productions, its members, agents and volunteers of all liability. By signing this release, I understand that I am absolving and releasing others from liability from their own negligent acts, even if I am not at fault in any way. In consideration of my/my child’s participation in classes or other activities at or associated with Ride The Fader Productions, I agree to assume full responsibility for them, their heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages which they may have or which occur to them, for all damages which may be sustained and suffered by them in connection with their association with or entry into centre activities or which may arise out of their participation in these activities. I expressly assume all of the risks inherent in these activities.

This contract will be valid from the date it was signed by the teacher and the parent/guardian or student and will be valid for the duration of the student’s registration or until a new policy is created by Ride The Fader Productions. In which case the student may discontinue lessons if the new terms are not acceptable.

  • I (the student/parent/guardian) will pay any fees due directly to the instrumental teacher per month. Your registration with Ride The Fader Productions is confirmed as soon as the lesson fees are paid. You will receive an invoice regarding the fees.
  • I (the student/parent/guardian) fully understand that the lessons will continue through the year, excluding the indicated closure times in this document unless cancelled and I agree to commit to the policies listed above. I have read and understood all the information in this document regarding lessons, payment, instruments and policies and agree to abide by them.

By signing below you are indicating you have read and agreed to the above policies.

Student ______________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian (if student is under 18)_____________________________________



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