Perspective music students will not be allowed to register without first reading and signing the Music Student Agreement. A copy can be found here.

Music Tuition (Woodwind)

Instrumental Tuition just for fun or ABRSM exams in: Flute, Alto Saxophone & Recorder. Lessons take place in Waltham Abbey, except for special rehearsals etc.

  • 1hr – £25.00
  • 1/2 hr – £16.00

Music Tuition (Harp)

Instrumental tuition in the Lever Harp, just for fun. Lessons based in Waltham Abbey.

  • 1 hr – £30.00
  • 1/2 hr – £20.00

Music Tuition: (Songwriting)

Tuition in Songwriting for singer/songwriter, pop & orchestral ensembles.

  • 1 hr – £30.00

1/2 hour lessons are not available for this item.

Music Tuition: (Orchestrating & Arranging)

Tuition in Orchestrating & Arranging.

  • 1 hr – £30.00

1/2 hour lessons are not available for this item.


Freelance Harpist/Harp tutor available for conferences, weddings and other events.

Harpist £200/session + half my travelling costs

(One session would be e.g. playing for bride walking down the isle is one session, then playing at the reception is another session.)


Genre: Pop, Instrumental Pop, Orchestral/Soundtrack, Christian, Singer/Songwriter.

1-5 instruments – £30.00/min
6+ instruments – £60.00/min

Work less than a minute will be charged by ensemble size

Orchestrating & Arranging

Create instrumentals, add orchestration to songs, orchestrate and or arrange/rearrange existing songs. Create chord charts and sheet music.

By page (4 bars) – £25.00 or Package deal of £100 per day

Freelance Musician/Worship Leader

Freelance Musician/Worship Leader to hire for events. Salary negotiable.